Carbon Offsets

PEC encourages businesses and individuals to mitigate their climate impacts through the purchase of carbon offsets.

Carbon offsets are a way for companies, households, and individuals to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions resulting from their own activities. Revenues from the purchase of offsets are used to fund clean energy and environmental restoration projects in proportion to the purchaser’s estimated carbon footprint.

Working with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, PEC purchases offsets equivalent to the impact of our travel and operations. We encourage other organizations to do likewise, and sometimes help to facilitate the purchase of offsets.

CO2 generated annually by the average person in the U.S.

CO2 equivalent of 1 offset

Cost of 1 offset

Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint

Learn how PEC calculates and offsets the climate impacts of our business operations.


GAP Relay

PEC has proudly served as sustainability sponsor of the GAP Relay, a 150-mile team footrace along the Great Allegheny Passage, since its inception in 2018. Through our partnership with organizer p3r, we purchase carbon offsets and water restoration credits to help make the GAP Relay one of the greenest events of its kind.


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